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The Lansing area CROP Walk is Sunday October 14 at 2:00 p.m. at Grace United Methodist Church located at 1900 Boston Blvd in Lansing. Join The Peoples Church walking team or


Peoples Church Campus Ministry is a welcoming place for college students and young adults to explore faith and grow. The


OCTOBER 28, 2018

The Peoples Church of East Lansing and the Henry and Annabel Memorial Lecture Series present: Faithful Witness



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As I was finishing up my 15th interim assignment (after three settled pastorates), I was contacted about serving as the Interim Senior Pastor at The Peoples Church. As you are doing now, I also came to this website to learn everything I could about the congregation. What I saw here and have confirmed since starting in mid-June of 2018 is that the ministry at Peoples is about so much more than the person in the pulpit. While my job is to fill the Senior Pastor role and guide the search process, my joy is quickly becoming all the members and friends of the congregation. Musicians, professors, bird lovers, students, body-builders, artists--this is a congregation whose members really mean it when they say, "All are welcome!".


It is my honor and privilege to serve as Associate Pastor here at The Peoples Church. I am excited about leading our Christian Education efforts - from littlest ones to the most senior and everyone in between. During my time as a pastor, I have found it most rewarding to help others learn about and apply the Bible to their own lives. My hope and dream is that we can continue to nurture an environment where faith, spirituality and the Bible can be discussed with openness and honestly.


I am immensely proud to be part of a welcoming worshiping community that values relationships with MSU and Lansing area communities, as well as relationships with organizations across the country and the globe. We have so much to offer each other! I believe our congregation appeals to students and the wider community because we are a church that values honest discussion about our faith and our doubts as we strive to respond to the ways God is calling us to worship, live and work in the world. All are welcome on the journey.