Our Purpose: 
As women who share a common faith in our Lord, we unite to demonstrate His love in all areas of life and to grow in Christian faith and responsibility through study, prayer and service.

Who We Are:
We are church members and friends, who support the ministry ofThe Peoples Church. We give to a variety of service projects through Women of Peoples Church (WPC) as a whole and through each individual circle. We find friendship through our participation, and seek Christian love and spiritual growth through prayer, fellowship, the programs offered, and our efforts to reach out to our community. 

The Women of Peoples Church have been raising money to help meet critical needs in the Greater Lansing community for more than a century. Over the past 10 years, we have provided $38,000 to 22 nonprofit organizations.



Presidents: Loretta Johnston and Jenn Hill-Worthington
Vice President: Lorie Barbieri
Secretaries: Pam Sievers and Linda Bell
Treasurer: Mary West
Membership Coordinator: Katie Slabaugh
Historians: Barbara Honhart and Ruth Ann Ference
Hospitality Coordinator: Jan Perron
Spiritual Life Coordinator: Loretta Johnston

Circle Local Giving Coordinator: Margaret Tassaro
Communication Coordinators: Pam Sievers and Jan Perron
Past Presidents and Advisors: Jess Eysselinck and Jan Cox
Denominational Representative: Joan Wright
Church Women United Representative: Vacant
Nominating Committee: Sue Budde, Marty Ewing, Phyllis Grummon, Susan Nowicki

women of pc activity circle

women of pc annual events