"In transitioning our child from another daycare facility, we hoped to find a place where our daughter was challenged and respected, and where the staff and curriculum were not only current, but forward-thinking. Our experience at Peoples Church Preschool has exceeded our expectations in every category. We are consistently impressed with the Preschool's child-centered learning approach, the integration of environmental sustainability into daily routines, field trips and family events, and parent-teacher communication."

~ Amanda, Toddler Room


"As a single parent who went from full-time mom to full-time job, it was important to me to find a preschool where my daughter would feel safe, secure, and loved while she was away from home. Peoples Church Preschool became the home away from home that I wanted for her. She has been nurtured, loved, and her individuality celebrated by her caring teachers. My daughter has thrived in PCP’s dynamic, child-centered, rhythmic, play-based community. She especially loves the nature-based activities and has become quite the little environmental advocate! I love that she has been exposed to such a diverse array of activities that she can explore to her heart’s content, and that she feels like a cherished part of her school community.

~ Laura, Preschool 2

"We are incredibly grateful and thankful for all of the hard work, thoughtfulness and commitment that goes into caring for the children in the Two's Class.  Our daughter continues to develop and thrive at PCP and I realize that much of that growth is a result of her teacher/caregivers and the authentic relationships they have worked so hard to develop with her.  PCP is a tremendous blessing to our family.  Thank you for living life with our family."                                                                      

Shalonda, Two's Class

"Since coming to the Peoples Church Preschool, our son's independence has significantly increased. He loves to show us how he can do things for himself and others. The Peoples Church Preschool cultivates a safe and welcoming community. Because of this, he is excited to go to school each day."

~ Kaitlin, Preschool 1

Charlie Watering

"Peoples Church Preschool wasn’t on our radar screen until my husband’s co-worker told us about their wonderful program and long history of serving the community. Our daughter started in the Infant Room at eight weeks old and has enjoyed it ever since. As the youngest child in the class, we quickly saw her wanting, and accomplishing, what she saw the older kids doing. Every morning she is eager to see who is in the room, teachers included, to play and interact with and practically leaps out of my arms before I can sign her in! At Peoples Church Preschool she is exposed to art, music, reading, outdoor activities and so much more and we are happy she has those opportunities."

~ Stephanie and Tony, Infant Room

"The Peoples church has been an amazing and fantastic school since day one. Being a single parent and sharing custody with a child that is in your program has been easy and handled extremely well on their end. Both me and my child’s mother get equal information, share all schooling experience, and are made to feel like we matter every day when it comes to his schooling. The staff has been amazing and my son looks forward to every day at school with them. They’re always smiling and grateful to see him and to be honest ... it’s a great way for us to start our day. Thank you for all that you do and we look forward to the upcoming years."

~ McKinley, Two's Room

"We are so happy with the amazing staff. They are kind, understanding and always willing to help with any situation that may arise. Enrolling my son has been the best decision I’ve ever made! Thank you Peoples Church Preschool." 

~ Susie, A.M. and P.M. Preschool