Learning Happens All the Time

At Peoples Church Preschool, we believe learning happens throughout all parts of the day. Interactions with the outdoors offer important opportunities for children to explore and grow.

Our Outdoor Classroom is one place where this ongoing exploration and learning occurs. Teachers plan for experiences both inside and outside. Manipulatives, construction materials, and open-ended natural items are offered to facilitate imagination and creativity in play. Children have opportunities to run, climb, dig, spin, and create in the Outdoor Classroom. We also have a fenced-in garden area so children can participate in gardening in the summer and autumn months.

In 2016, Peoples Church Preschool's outdoor classroom space received national recognition as a Certified Nature Explore Classroom. Learn more here



 OC MudKitchen




Mud Kitchen

As of Summer 2016, the Outdoor Classroom is home to a newly updated Mud Kitchen! Children have the opportunity to interact with nature in a fun, creative and messy way. Measuring, scooping and imaginative play lead to the development of many important life skills.

All classes have a scheduled hour each morning and each afternoon to use the Outdoor Classroom. The sand and grass side is for all ages and the play structure is used for classrooms with children aged two year olds and older.

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Outdoor Classroom