We're putting the FUN back into fundraising!

Every year Peoples Church Preschool supports various fundraising campaigns to advance the program and make quality improvements to our classrooms and outdoor learning environment. We look to our preschool families and the community to help us raise the additional funds needed.

This year's fun-raising campaign is called Shaping the Future. Help us by sharing this fundraising campaign with your friends, colleagues, and family. There will be opportunities for the remainder of the school year in which you can participate. With your help, these projects will help us reach our goal.

Your contribution is tax-deductible! Upon request, Peoples Church Preschool will provide you with a receipt to demonstrate your gift as a tax-deductible donation.

Legacy Tree

Our Legacy Tree is up in the 2nd-floor hallway. Leaves are available to memorialize your child's time here at Peoples Church Preschool or to commemorate your tax-deductible donation. Please contact the preschool office for more information.



It takes a noble person

to plant a seed

for a tree

that will someday give shade

to people

he may never meet.

-David Trueblood



TerraCyclePeoples Church Preschool participates in the TerraCycle system, which supports many earth-friendly goals - including recycling, sustainability, and upcycling.

Peoples Church Preschool earns 1 cent per wrapper mailed to the program. The school also donates credits twice a year to have trees planted in an American forest through the through Arbor Day Foundation.

Upcycling Items (Note: All containers must be cleaned prior to dropping off. Thanks!)

  • All candy wrappers
  • All juice pouches (no straws please and no juice boxes)
  • All Kraft packaging (shredded cheese, cheese stick wrappers, etc.)
  • All nutrition bar/energy bar wrappers
  • Aveeno Beauty Product Containers
  • Bear Naked Products
  • Cookie wrappers (foil-lined)
  • Gum boxes
  • Huggies Diaper plastic wrapping (not other brands)
  • Lunch Kits (the plastic bottom of a lunchable for example)
  • Old cell phones
  • Sprout pouches
  • Starbucks bags
  • Tape rolls (the plastic circle that is left behind once the tape is gone)
  • Writing instrument (empty pens, sharpies and highlighters)

Thank you to all of our families and friends who participate in our important FUN raising programs. Your purchases and support are a cornerstone to continuing our award-winning program and make our preschool the wonderful environment that it is for our children.