Our curriculum focuses on each learner’s developmental status, is responsive to the individual’s strengths, interests and needs; and provides experiences which are meaningful, relevant and respectful of the social and cultural context in which children live. Via email and classroom posting, parents are provided with comprehensive lesson plans prior to the beginning of each week. In addition, parents receive a bi-weekly Curriculum Wrap Up that contains lesson plan follow-up with great photos, work samples and information about how the children extended their learning throughout the week.

Peoples Church Preschool has a unique approach to our curriculum. We've developed an approach to learning that includes several key components:


Peoples Church Preschool recognizes the importance of encouraging children to interact with nature. The outdoors provides unlimited opportunities for learning and exploration. Natural materials can also enhance learning opportunities while children are indoors.

Nature Explore

In the fall of 2016, our school is certified as an official Nature Explore preschool. Because of this, teachers are intentional about offering children lots of time outside, as well as opportunities to interact with nature in unique and meaningful ways. Our Outdoor Classroom is designed with creation and exploration in mind. New to summer 2016, the Mud Kitchen provides an opportunity for children to enjoy sensory play and experiment with natural materials in a fun and messy way!

Classroom Pets

Each classroom has plant and animal life. The classroom pets are well loved and provide a wonderful opportunity for children to learn to care for animals. Children help to prepare vegetables to feed the animals and have opportunities to study their habits and needs. Our pets include several guinea pigs, a tortoise, a gecko, two snakes, and a salt water aquarium, among other creatures. 

Want to learn more the benefits of including nature in children's experiences? Check out this article about Scandinavia's nature-based education system.

"We have such a brief opportunity to pass on to our children our love for this Earth, and to tell our strories. These are the moments when the world is made whole. In my children's memories, the adventures we've had together in nature will always exist." - Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods