Thank you for your interest in baptism at the The Peoples Church. We encourage you to meet with a pastor to discuss the service so you fully understand the significance of the sacrament and have the opportunity to discuss any matters in connection with the service.

Both children and adults are welcome for baptism here, although anyone who has been baptized in infancy or childhood may not be offered a subsequent adult baptism. Except in very special circumstances, baptisms are held during worship services at the church.

There is no "correct" age for baptism. The baptism of a child or infant is intended to signify God's love of the child and express the parents' undertaking that the child will have a Christian upbringing which will normally lead to membership in the church when the child reaches the age at which this is appropriate to their Christian development.

The baptism of an adult is normally associated with commitment to the Christian faith and is usually part of the process of becoming a member of the church and of taking one's place in the life of the church. Many adults will find the opportunity for baptism arising—if they were not baptized earlier—during church membership meetings as the person prepares to take the vows of church membership.