Our Toddler Environment emphasizes movement and discovery. Toddlers enjoy a loosely structured day that incorporates designated time in our Outdoor Classroom, complete with a giant sandbox (which includes a mud kitchen), open areas to run, climb, and dance, multiple opportunities for pretend play, a giant marimba, and a sound wall. In the event of inclement weather, our school also features a full-sized gymnasium with a variety of riding toys, balls, and other age appropriate large motor items. The indoor classroom has a toddler loft and features a full-sized, decorative tree that is large enough for toddlers to go inside and peek out through several openings. The Toddler Classroom is also home to our Russian tortoise, named Bear.



Toddlers thrive in an environment where they learn to identify what they see and hear, and rely on the predictability of that knowledge. Because we know that oral language and vocabulary skills in early childhood are particularly important predictors of children’s reading comprehension, the environment in our Toddler classroom is rich in literacy. This includes a focus on incorporating new vocabulary, both spoken and written, in English, foreign, and sign language.



Tactile experiences and creative expression activities are available each day. The children in our Toddler classroom are able to use their whole bodies to explore and delight their senses while they utilize a variety of materials including chalk, paint, play dough, and goop. Our program encourages children to develop their independence skills. In the Toddler classroom, the children do this by practicing to eat with utensils and helping to dress and undress themselves.