Kitwe, South Africa

The United Methodist Church 



The Rev. Delbert Groves and his wife Sandy serve as missionaries with the General Board of Global Ministries based in Kitwe, Zambia. Together they founded the United Methodist New Life Center in 2001, where they participate in a variety of outreach ministries.



One of the New Life Center’s biggest ministries is the Personal Energy Transportation project, which provides hand-cranked or pull designed bikes that mobilize people who have lost the use of their legs due to a variety of reasons such as disease and war. The PET Bikes are more durable than wheelchairs due to their 15-inch wheels which are more suitable to the terrain and rough conditions of typical third world countries. The bikes serve as a mobile chair or work platform, with room in the backs of the carts for transporting goods and produce, tools and small children and makes eye to eye conversation and participation in daily life possible. Each bike is sponsored by groups and individuals around the world.





To learn more about Delbert and Sandy’s mission work or to inquire about making a donation, please visit

P.O Box 20219
Kitwe, Zambia – Africa

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