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January, 2018

The joy of giving is a shared experience and a way of life.

Each gift given further promotes our call to be a visible presence of God’s compassion and
hope for the campus, community, and congregation. Each gift given is an expression of our
faith in action. And, each gift given is a blessing to both the receiver and the giver.

Here at The Peoples Church, we give because we have received. The opportunity to support
the ongoing ministry, mission, and proclamation of the gospel is one of the highest privileges
we are granted. I hope you will consider a pledge for 2018. Our council of elders has recommended
a prudent budget that recognizes our historical giving trends, the call for ministry in
the coming years, and a desire to use all our talents to better be the hands and feet of our Lord
at the corner of Michigan and Grand River Avenues in East Lansing. By providing an estimated
gift, the church can better adjust and plan for the future, so our expenditures for worship,
mission, fellowship, and community engagement will be appropriate for who we are, who we
are called to be, and who God is asking us to serve.

Whether you are a long time member or recent regular attendee, we hope you will offer your
pledge form online, or by printing this form, with optional electronic giving options, and sending it to the church office.
If you would like to speak with me or a member of the finance ministry about any questions
you might have regarding giving, we would welcome that opportunity. Gifts can also be made
through The Peoples Church Endowment Fund and other planned giving options.
Thank you for your commitment to joyful giving in response to God’s gracious gifts in our lives!

Peace and Grace,

Pastor Andrew Pomerville
Senior Pastor