Let’s come together For Such a Time as This! Our Stewardship Campaign is in full swing. To be uncomfortably truthful, the amount of our giving has seen no increase for quite a few years, and based on our recent congregational survey, the percentage of our income that we donate to the church is 2.62%, which is among the lowest of any of the churches I’ve served as an interim. Wouldn’t it be amazing if, by the end of this year, our Finance Committee could announce that we’ve received all the pledges we need for the full amount of our budget in 2019?

Several years ago, Leigh and I were invited to attend a fund-raising dinner at a Christian Camp that we supported. We knew the camp was planning a major expansion in three phases, and this was the kickoff event for phase one.

We gathered at the appointed hour, mingled with many friends, and enjoyed a delicious dinner. As we were finishing our dessert and coffee, the Camp Director began his presentation. Just to his right was a large easel with a sheet thrown over it. Leigh and I guessed that he was going to reveal the amount of money that the camp hoped to raise for phase one.

After speaking for about 15 minutes on the need for the expansion, the director started talking about the finances—how many dollars would be needed to accomplish the dream. He seemed less persuasive than I would have expected for someone who was about to ask for a significant contribution, and he appeared almost apologetic as he moved over to the easel. He put his hand on the cloth covering the board, and said, “So, for phase one, we need to raise three million dollars. To date, we’ve raised …” and here he threw off the sheet, and we saw the number: $3,200,000.  He then said, with a delightful smile on his face, “So tonight, we’re actually kicking off phase two!”

Who knows what God has in store for us in this year of transition. Yet here we are, experiencing God’s blessings and trusting God’s will every day. We already know that God does great things with every gift that we offer, for such a time as this. 

Prayerfully consider your commitment for 2019 and trust God to show how your increased gifts can make a difference—for such a time as this! Print and fill out a copy of the pledge form here and return to the church office no later than December 17, 2018. You can also pick up a pledge form at the welcome desk or in the church office.

Pastor Case