(Approximately 2 years to Approximately 3 years)


Our environment facilitates pretend play and allows children to express individual creativity both in the indoor and outdoor classrooms. Outdoors our two year olds enjoy sand play, pretend play and a variety of musical instruments including bongos, chimes and a giant marimba. They also are involved in growing vegetables and growing and watering sunflowers each year that they plant inside in the spring. Our program also features a variety of special tables that teach the children about light, water play, and various sensory experiences.

Marimba Tod



Our Two Year Old curriculum is created with the knowledge that movement is the young child’s preferred mode of learning. Lessons that are physically experienced (hands on) have a more immediate and longer lasting impact as the more senses that are used, the more information is retained. The curriculum incorporates teacher-facilitated experiences and child-led exploration and imaginative play. There is a strong correlation between the time children are the most playful and the time when the brain is making the most connections.

Out of the Classroom and into the World

Beginning in the Two Year Old Room, all children at Peoples Church Preschool enjoy multiple field trips each year. The Two’s Room specifically travels to the Farmer’s Market where they are able to bring vegetables back to the classroom to cut, wash, and eat. The Apple Orchard trip allows the children to pick, carry, peel, cut and enjoy making apple sauce in the classroom. In addition, the Two’s enjoy a number of classroom visitors.