(4 1/2 years to 5 1/2 years - final year before kindergarten enrollment)


The Junior Kindergarten classroom is the preschool's newest clasroom. Opened in summer of 2014, Junior Kindergarten features a spacious classroom loft, an indoor sandbox, reading nook, a manipulatives/game room, and a dramatic play area. The room as two bathrooms and a large locker room with spaces for all the children. It also has beloved pets, Sleuth and Rosie (guinea pigs).

In addition to the indoor classroom, the children in Junior Kindergarten enjoy a full size gymnasium and an outdoor learning environment that features climbing equipment, an art easel, bongo drums, a playhouse with flower boxes, a garden, a stage, and a giant marimba. Additionally, the classroom regularly uses Valley Court Park for large motor activities.

The children in Junior Kindergarten have an adult-to-child ratio of 1 to 11.


JK 2014 Paint


Though every lesson plan created at Peoples Church Preschool is an original, our school follows the guidance of Creative Curriculum. This curriculum divides lesson content into five areas: Cognitive, Creative, Social, Language and Physical. Junior Kindergarten teachers create plans based upon kindergarten readiness standards, learning domains and Reggio Emilia principles. This approach requires teachers to observe, interact with and listen to children to determine their interests and then to provide meaningful learning opportunities based on those interests. 

The Junior Kindergarten classroom places weighted importance on field trips, as children are able to learn by seeing real-life scenarios and working in a hands-on manner. Each week of observing the children and aligning the curriculum leads to the next week's changes to environment, hands-on manipulatives and open-ended opportunities for creativity, exploration and discovery.