Infant Room

(6 weeks to approximately 1 year) 

The Environment

The environment plays a large role in ensuring that each infant receives appropriate stimulation and challenges. The children are provided with a variety of natural items to manipulate, touch, watch, follow, taste, and investigate. The Infant Room's daily schedule includes regular outdoor time, exposure to foreign and sign language, as well as a rich musical atmosphere. In 2011, Peoples Church Preschool added a beautiful new room for nursing mothers. This classroom is also home to our coral reef fish tank. It is built into the wall for children and adults to enjoy throughout the day!

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Infant Ribbon

Partnerships with Parents

Our Infant Program’s priority is to form partnerships with families to ensure that each child’s individual schedule is maintained and their primary caregiver is able to meet all of the child’s needs. Peoples Church Preschool places an emphasis on the interrelationship of emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and language development patterns. Tickling toes, playing peek-a-boo and talking to children during care giving routines begins their acquisition of language and the ability to form close bonds with their teachers.

Building Communication Skills

To encourage the emergence of language, teachers use language stimulation techniques such as description, parallel talk, self talk, expansion, and expansion plus. Families are encouraged to do this, too.

Description is a narration of what is happening in the child’s world. Parallel talk involves utilizing the word “you”, as in “You pulled off your sock!” Self Talk involves using the word “I”, as in “I will pick you up again as soon as I wash my hands.” Children benefit from the use of self-talk as it allows them to learn from what is happening around them, make connections, and communicates respect from adult to child.

Expansion means to expand on the child’s language. For example, if the child says, “Muh.” The caregiver will expand that and say, “You want more milk.” Finally, an example of Expansion Plus would be if the child said, “Bye bye,” an adult may expand on that and add, “It’s time to get your things and go bye bye.”

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